Rewards program for Samsung customers
We would like to thank you for being a user of a Samsung device for a long time!

Every day we select a small group of users and offer them the opportunity to receive valuable gifts from our partners and sponsors. This is our way of thanking you to choose a Samsung device.
It will not take more than 30 seconds of your time.

You can win the new Samsung S9. All you need to do to receive a gift is to answer the following 9 questions.

Remember: 100 randomly selected users received this invitation. The number of gifts is limited.
You have 2 minutes and 33 seconds of time to answer the following questions before your gift passes to another happy user! Good luck!
What device are you using now?
PC / Notebook
Francesco Rossi
I took less than 30 seconds to answer all the questions... I won a Samsung Galaxy S9.

6 minutes
Alessandro Marino
Super!!!It's the first time I win something! Ah ah!
14 minutes
Giulia Ricci
Samsung arrived! Thank you!!!
1 hour
Gabriele Romano
I'm really happy to have won! I paid € 1 and now I wait for my samsung s9 :)
3 hours
Leonardo Bianchi
I’m really happy, thank you so much
4 hours
Sofia De Luca
Thank you so much it's all really fantastic I've never won anything online before now!
4 hours ago
Sara Giordano
Oh it's more than an Apple watch! Ok, a Samsung is fine even if I already have one… :)
5 hours
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